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Dr. Debra J. Rog Elected 2009 President of AEA

Dr. Debra J. Rog, Vice President of the Rockville Institute, has been elected the 2009 President of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). She will serve a 3-year term, starting as President-elect in 2008.

AEA is an international professional association of evaluators devoted to the application and exploration of program evaluation, personnel evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation. The association has approximately 5,000 members representing the United States as well as more than 60 countries.

Dr. Rog has been a member of AEA since its inception in 1984 and of its two predecessor organizations—the Evaluation Research Society and the Evaluation Network. Dr. Rog has served in a number of capacities for AEA, including two terms as a Board member (1985-88; 1996-99), Local Arrangements Chair (1990), Annual Meeting Program Co-Chair (1996), and on several committees over the years (Board Orientation Committee, Awards Committee, and Membership Committee). She was honored early in her career with the Marcia Guttentag Award for her dissertation work on evaluability assessment.

Dr. Rog has extensive background in program evaluation research, having served as director or principal investigator for many studies addressing issues such as homelessness and housing, mental illness, child development, family violence, and living with HIV/AIDS.

"As a charter member of AEA, I have always considered AEA my primary professional affiliation," notes Dr. Rog. "I have learned much over the years from my AEA colleagues through the conferences, the publications, and most importantly, the friendships I have developed. I have had the privilege of serving AEA in several capacities, and am looking forward to this new opportunity to contribute to the group that has been a major contributor to my own professional growth."

As President, Dr. Rog hopes to help AEA maintain its current growth and stability, particularly by seeking out new evaluators to participate in a mentor program with those who have been active in the association since its beginning.

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