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Race Matters Consortium: Its History and Purpose

The Race Matters Consortium is a national, multisystem initiative that promotes strategies that prevent, intervene, and eliminate adverse racial disproportionality and disparities. It also works toward developing racial equity in the child welfare system.

The Consortium's members make up a national think-tank of experts in research, social work practice, public policy, and philanthropy. These experts examine the issues related to racial and ethnic disparities. They also influence policy and practice through education and consultation.

The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) Alliance on Racial Equity funds the Rockville Institute to support the Consortium's efforts in bringing the collaborators together and in sharing with the public the results of the Consortium's work.

For more information about the Consortium, including how it was founded, how it works, and presentations it has given, check this site, as well as the main Race Matters Consortium site.