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Casey Alliance for Racial Equity Awards Race Matters Consortium Project to Rockville Institute

The Rockville Institute has been awarded a grant from the Casey Alliance for Racial Equity, which comprises the various Casey foundations across the country, to support the activities of the Race Matters Consortium (RMC) project during 2007. The goal of the Consortium is to encourage Federal, state, and county governments to reduce the overrepresentation of racial minorities in the child welfare system. The project grew out of an in-house Race Matters Group that was formed by Rockville Institute President and Chairman of the Board Alexander Ratnofsky in 1999. This Race Matters Group strove to initiate research studies about the factors responsible for the persistent overrepresentation of African American children in child welfare. Subsequently, the University of Illinois and various Casey foundations provided funds to the Rockville Institute to expand this initiative.

"The Race Matters Consortium has been very successful in stimulating many child welfare groups throughout the nation to place the reduction of minority overrepresentation as a major priority," explained Project Director Dr. Robert B. Hill.

The Consortium will perform the following tasks:
  • Provide technical assistance to states and counties interested in addressing overrepresentation;
  • Develop research and policy papers;
  • Disseminate information on overrepresentation;
  • Make presentations at national and regional conferences;
  • Maintain and update a web site that contains various Consortium products, as well as the products of partner organizations; and
  • Encourage more organizations to become members of the Consortium.

To obtain more information about the Consortium, contact Dennette Derezotes, the Consortium's executive director, at 1-866-886-640 or go to the RMC web site at

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