Rockville Institute Affiliates in
Behavioral Health

Deborah Becker, MEd
Gary Bond, PhD
Scott Crosse, PhD
Robert Drake, PhD, MD
Wendy Kissin, PhD

Deborah Becker, MEd, is a senior research associate and rehabilitation specialist with extensive experience in supported employment and serves as director of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Learning Community. Ms. Becker was a research associate professor of Community and Family Medicine and of Psychiatry at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. She was also the senior project director at the New Hampshire-Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center.

Gary Bond, PhD, a senior research associate, has devoted his career to the study, dissemination, implementation, and sustainment of effective services for adults with serious mental illness. His areas of interest and expertise include evidence-based psychiatric rehabilitation services, the Individual Placement and Support model of supported employment, factors influencing successful implementation and sustainability of evidence-based practices, and fidelity scales to measure implementation. He was a professor of Psychiatry at Geisel Medical School at Dartmouth and a senior researcher at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center.

Scott Crosse, PhD, is a senior researcher with experience conducting applied research on social programs and policy issues at both the community and national levels. Much of his work has focused on the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) problems. Dr. Crosse has led research on the prevalence and implementation of school-based ATOD and crime prevention programs; the effectiveness of prevention programs intended to curb high-risk alcohol use among university students; the effectiveness of community-based prevention programs; and the design of a community-based program to prevent alcohol use among pregnant women. His areas of expertise include program evaluation, survey research, research design, and data analysis.

Robert Drake, PhD, MD, has studied psychiatric rehabilitation for nearly 40 years and is internationally recognized for his many contributions to transforming services toward greater alignment with client goals and the recovery process. He is co-developer of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model of supported employment, one of the most successful and influential evidence-based practices in psychiatric rehabilitation. Dr. Drake has devoted his career to the conceptualization, development, evaluation, and dissemination of evidence-based practices, including IPS, integrated dual disorders treatment, and many other models. He has directed numerous randomized controlled trials, has extensively reviewed the psychiatric rehabilitation literature, and has published more than 20 books and 500 research articles. He is the former Director of the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center.

Wendy Kissin, PhD, is a practicing clinical psychologist with a focus on substance abuse treatment, primarily among pregnant and parenting women and their children. Dr. Kissin has conducted clinical, behavioral, and survey research studies, as well as analyses using administrative data. She has peer-reviewed publications in the areas of treatment outcomes; psychiatric comorbidity; characterization of the children of pregnant drug-dependent women; as well as treatment itself, including buprenorphine treatment, self-help attendance (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous), and predicting premature dropout from residential treatment.