Rockville Institute Affiliates in
Qualitative Methods

Tamara Daley, PhD
Kathryn Henderson, PhD
Cynthia S. Robins, PhD
Debra J. Rog, PhD

Tamara Daley, PhD, conducts research and evaluation on health, mental health issues, and social and educational topics. She has directed or contributed to the design of evaluations of varying complexity, ranging from single-site national and international programs to multisite, longitudinal studies. Dr. Daley has particular background in design and analysis of mixed-methods studies. Topically, Dr. Daley's work has spanned programs serving a range of vulnerable populations, including children with disabilities and their families, at-risk young men and boys of color, immigrant and refugee populations in the United States, and individuals who have been trafficked internationally.

Kathryn A. Henderson, PhD, is a sociologist and works on numerous projects to evaluate programs available to low-income, unemployed, and homeless families. These include longitudinal evaluations of homeless families service delivery systems; outcome evaluations of workforce initiatives; multisite studies of coordinated, intensive housing, services, and employment programs for high-need homeless families; and projects aimed at understanding poverty and service delivery in suburban America.

Cynthia S. Robins, PhD, is an anthropologist whose primary research focus is on community-based mental health service delivery and the political economy of psychiatric treatment in the United States. She has conducted qualitative research (ethnographic studies, process evaluations, in-depth interviews) on an array of topics, including mental health consumers' perceptions of trauma and harm in hospital settings, seniors' experiences with Medicare managed care, and the cultural impacts on various job-training initiatives (women in nontraditional occupations, economically disadvantaged youth). Dr. Robins is nationally recognized for promoting the use of qualitative methods in mental health services research and has been integral to the development of a working meeting sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Debra J. Rog, PhD, President of the Rockville Institute, is an internationally recognized expert in evaluation and applied social research methodology, homelessness, housing, and mental health. She has directed numerous multisite research and evaluation projects in the areas of poverty, homelessness, housing for vulnerable populations, violence and trauma prevention, and mental health services. She has provided methodological and subject-matter expertise for research funded by clients such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Center for Mental Health Services, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the United Nations, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others. Dr. Rog has published and presented widely, and is an editor of numerous books, series, and journals. She is on the faculty of The Evaluators' Institute and was the 2009 President of the American Evaluation Association.