Empowered by Innovative Thinking

Health care organizations must be flexible and innovative to succeed in today's dynamic environment. Insights from the industrial sector about innovative thinking and transformation can help generate and put into practice innovations in patient care and managerial processes. This book contains stories of both industrial and health care innovations in action that illustrate the sources of change:

  • The role of the innovator
  • The innovative problem-solving process
  • Innovative thinking tools and applications
  • The value of diversity in thinking
  • An approach to promoting an innovative culture in an organization
About the Author

David Tanner, PhD, is former director of the DuPont Center for Creativity & Innovation, which developed and implemented innovation-fostering methodologies throughout the company. He has a PhD in chemistry and holds 33 early-career U.S. patents. Dr. Tanner was president of the American Creativity Association, and director of the de Bono International Creative Forum.

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Health Care Innovation
"a practical framework for guiding teams through the innovative problem solving process"