Rockville Institute Affiliates in

Joy Frechtling, PhD
William Frey, PhD
Kathryn Henderson, PhD
Debra J. Rog, PhD

Joy Frechtling, PhD, has expertise in evaluation, addressing issues from elementary to postsecondary levels. She has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods and has applied her skills in the assessment of the impacts of professional development programs, curriculum reform, and broader based systemic changes.

William Frey, PhD, has expertise in projects of national significance that affect the lives of people with disabilities. He directs projects involving randomized controlled trials, measurement of disability, evaluation of programs and services to underserved populations and people with disabilities, and national surveys of disability in communities, health care settings, and schools. Funding for these projects comes from a wide range of agencies, including SSA, CDC, DOL, NCI and other NIH agencies, HHS, and ED. Dr. Frey frequently participates on panels and committees addressing disability-related issues.

Kathryn A. Henderson, PhD, is a sociologist and works on numerous projects to evaluate programs available to low-income, unemployed, and homeless families. These include longitudinal evaluations of homeless families service delivery systems; outcome evaluations of workforce initiatives; multisite studies of coordinated, intensive housing, services, and employment programs for high-need homeless families; and projects aimed at understanding poverty and service delivery in suburban America.

Debra J. Rog, PhD, President of the Rockville Institute, is an internationally recognized expert in evaluation and applied social research methodology, homelessness, housing, and mental health. She has directed numerous multisite research and evaluation projects in the areas of poverty, homelessness, housing for vulnerable populations, violence and trauma prevention, and mental health services. She has provided methodological and subject-matter expertise for research funded by clients such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Center for Mental Health Services, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the United Nations, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others. Dr. Rog has published and presented widely, and is an editor of numerous books, series, and journals. She is on the faculty of The Evaluators' Institute and was the 2009 President of the American Evaluation Association.