Rockville Institute Affiliates in
Employment & Training

Frank Bennici, PhD
William Frey, PhD
Joseph Gasper, PhD
Kathryn Henderson, PhD

Frank Bennici, PhD, is a labor economist and senior research analyst with extensive qualitative and quantitative research experience in education, employment and training, and labor market analysis. He has studied the registered apprenticeship system and has evaluated government training programs; analyzed the impact of public employment and training efforts to improve the access, participation, and outcomes of economically and educationally disadvantaged individuals; and analyzed the impact of employment policies and their implications for the labor force. Dr. Bennici also has experience in the areas of disability and vocational rehabilitation.

William Frey, PhD, has significant experience in research, evaluation, and measurement, focusing primarily on programs and services for people with disabilities. He is highly skilled in research and evaluation design and instrument development. Dr. Frey is a Co-Principal Investigator of the Mental Health Treatment Study to determine the effectiveness of providing high quality medical treatment and supported employment services in reducing disincentives to work, a Principal Investigator of an evaluation of disability employment policy demonstration programs, and Principal Investigator of an evaluation of states' monitoring and improvement practices under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Dr. Frey also serves on several scientific committees and panels.

Joseph Gasper, PhD, is a social scientist with expertise in survey research and program evaluation in the areas of health, military personnel and health, employment, and poverty. He has contributed to study design, analysis, statistical modeling, survey instrument development, and report writing for diverse clients, including DOD, VA, ED, HHS, DOJ, the Corporation for National and Community Service, and the New York City Center for Economic Opportunity. Dr. Gasper has considerable experience in research design and analysis, including experimental and quasi-experimental designs. He has published recent articles in the American Educational Research Journal, Social Science Research, and the Journal of Drug Issues.

Kathryn A. Henderson, PhD, is a sociologist and works on numerous projects to evaluate programs available to low-income, unemployed, and homeless families. These include longitudinal evaluations of homeless families service delivery systems; outcome evaluations of workforce initiatives; multisite studies of coordinated, intensive housing, services, and employment programs for high-need homeless families; and projects aimed at understanding poverty and service delivery in suburban America.